First, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Why should you use a travel advisor instead of booking a vacation on your own

Just like many of you, we had this same question a few years ago. We always wondered, “Why would I use a travel agent when I can book everything on our own?” That question wasn’t answered for us until we finally used a travel agent on our trek across the world to South Africa. Here is a list that we came up with that detail why you should use a Travel Advisor. 


  1. Yes, travel has become easier to book with different booking engines like Orbitz, Hotwire, Travelocity, and others. The drawback to these booking engines is there is an overload of information. Every site has different deals on different hotels and flights, and it can become overwhelming trying to sift through every deal to make a confident decision. Travel Advisors work for you. Travel advisors have inside information on the best and most exclusive destinations, and they also get the best deals. It may cost up front to hire a Travel Advisor, but you will likely get your money back in upgrades and discounts. 

  2. Travel Advisors know what’s new and exciting in this big world of ours. You think you know where you want to go? A Travel Advisor will listen to your ideas for your next vacation and if they think you’re unaware of an even greater destination that meets your requirements they will be sure to get you up to speed. Remember, the travel advisor works for you. 

  3. Been there, done that. Travel Advisors have traveled around the world in many cases. They have their own personal experiences that they can share with you. If they haven’t been to the location that you are visiting, they have many other connections within their network that can give first hand advice to ensure that your getaway is as perfect as can be.

  4. They have your back. Travel Advisors are you advocates and your backup when anything goes wrong. Most Travel Advisors will be able to provide you with a 24/7 support line for each facet of your trip. If anything goes wrong you will have multiple layers of support to back you up and keep things on track. 

  5. They can offer unique experiences that you can’t book online yourself. Travel Advisors work with tour operators and hotels regularly. Many of these companies have unlisted experiences that you will not find online. The only way to know about these experiences is to have a top-notch Travel Advisor who is in the know. Can you imagine all of the experiences you’ve missed out on by booking your own travel?

One of the most popular companies in America is Starbucks. Think about what they sell. It’s just coffee. Anyone can make coffee at home, but customers go to Starbucks daily because of the expertise of the baristas. They create specialized and complex drinks that you never considered drinking before. Sure you could probably make it yourself, but could you do so with the speed and consistency of Starbucks? Probably not. Travel advisors do the same thing. They specialize in booking travel, and will save you time and the headaches that are associated with getting it right.