It's possible! How ordinary people save for extraordinary travel


We’ve had a large number of people ask us if international travel is realistic for regular people with regular jobs and regular lives. Our answer is a resounding, YES. To set the record straight, we are regular people with regular jobs also. We both work in medical sales, and I can guarantee you that we aren’t rich. We are however, smart about booking travel.  

The one big misconception I see people make is thinking that international travel is expensive. It’s actually the same cost as a domestic vacation in many cases. The most expensive part of your travel internationally will likely be your flight. Once you get to some of these countries you’ll find that food is very cheap, transportation locally is cheap, and hotels/airbnbs are cheap. I’ve seen villas in Thailand for $60 per night, but we will get into all of that on another post. 

What we want to discuss with you today is an app called Digit. Digit is an app that links to the personal bank account of your choice and helps you to save. How does it work? Once signed up, digit analyzes your spending habits, and through a very sophisticated algorithm it begins saving money for you while not over drafting from your account. The app literally pulls small amounts of money out of your account weekly and sometimes daily. Since the amounts come out without you physically doing it yourself, you don’t realize the money is gone. Digit then stores the money for you in your own “Digit Account” and gives you updates daily about how much money you’ve saved in your account and your bank account balance. Digit holds this money at a FDIC Bank and your funds are insured up to $250k. Before you know it, you have hundreds and then thousands of dollars saved up. Once you are ready to use some of the money you just simply log into the app and withdraw from your digit account. Digit then sends the money back to your personal bank account. 

We have saved THOUSANDS of dollars using this app. We use Digit solely as a vacation savings account. The app IS FREE FOR THE FIRST 100 DAYS. So try it for 99 days and then evaluate if it’s worth it or not. It’s $2.99 per month afterwards. I know, you don’t like paying money for apps! We don’t like paying for apps either, but let me tell you this, it’s 100% worth it once you check your account a month or two later. 

So where do you want to go next? Thailand? Africa? Jamaica? The Maldives?

Think about it then CLICK THIS LINK to get started DIGIT